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Jamie Villumsen 3 years ago in Multilanguage • updated by Vladimir Mullagaliyev (co-founder) 3 years ago 4

I have aprox. 1000 translations which need reviewing by UserEcho, but no progress has been made since i finished the translations a month ago. My workplace really needs the translations to be reviewed as soon as possible. What can i do to make this happen?

Thank you,
- Jamie Villumsen


All your translations will be reviewed and applied until Monday

Very quick response!

Satisfaction mark by Jamie Villumsen 3 years ago
All your translations will be reviewed and applied until Monday
We have reviewed your translations. All correct ones applied to the service.
Almost all of the you suggestions is approved.
Note that 41 translations needs to be updated.

Please check image below.
translation keys that have red blocks in the following format %(var_name) is variable placeholders so you must leave it intact in the translation.


By the way, could it be possible for you to give us informations about the translation review period (or as Jamie asked, a way to trigger the review).

Even if this doesn't represent as much as 1000 new strings, I notice that dozens of new strings or corrections may remain not integrated for months...

Having a clear rule (like every two months UserEcho review the translation works)

or having a sort of pull request button (to manually invoke a review) would be very useful.

Hello Ryann,

We don't have any review period. We are receiving notifications about new translations and reviewing them when we have a time for it.

If you have some urgent translation just send us a private message and we will approve them immediately.

P.S.: We've reviewed all yours and Jamie's translations.