It would be great to be able to reset the vote count so you can have people vote for every iteration.

Sergey Stukov
Answer Under review

Can you provide slightly more details for this use case?

At this moment it's possible to recreate feedback and move old one to the history/old category for default, new one will start voting counters from zero.


If I am a user, and I use all my votes, what happens the next cycle?  I can't vote for any new features.  

I would like this feature as well but for a different reason: 

Example use case: Feedback is set to completed, votes are disabled, but number of votes remain counted in list. If moved to chat/history the feedback can't be searched for again, so it can be posted all over again by another user who is unaware. If left in original forum, it remains at top of sorted list for votes mixed in with items still being voted on. Resetting the vote count upon marking the feedback complete will allow it to stay within the same forum, moved to bottom of list, and remain searchable to keep people from re-creating and voting again.
gameroast's idea sounds good.
The "automatic" listing of topics sorted by "Most upvotes" selects by default "all" topics (Open or Closed).
I guess it's true that a topic with an outstanding number of upvotes:
- is very interesting to be listed first when it's still active (= opened)
- but is more likely to be omitted (and just findable by search) when no longer active (= closed)

Then the current answer is that the user selects himselfboth options:
- sorting mode: "Most upvotes"
- status: "Open"

Maybe an admin setup feature could make this the default behavior of the "most upvotes" sorting mode (for admins that prefer another default behavior?)...
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