UserEcho changelog

Sergey Stukov
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Vladimir Mullagaliyev

New report: Knowledge Base Articles.

We've added a new report to help you manage your knowledge base. Please read more about the report here

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

UpdateThe "BIO" field disabled.

We've disabled the "BIO" field for user's profile. The field was not in use in most UserEcho projects. If you would like to get it back for your prpject feel free to request us or you can use Custom fields in the same way.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

New feature: New custom field type - HTML.

We've added a new custom field type - HTML. The field will have an Editor to edit the value. The value will be processed as HTML. It allows you to add some formatted information to your user's profiles or topics. We would recommend to allow adit such type of fields to support agents only.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

New API method: PUT users

The method updates a user profile with information provided into the method.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

New feature: Business hours, SLA and Agent's groups (beta-test).

We've added some new features which should be very helpful for bigger teams. Please find out settings in the Project settings. The SLA policies are disabled by default.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

New feature: Print topic content

Now you are able to print specific topics, article or ticket content. If you have installed "Save to PDF" printer you are able to save it in to PDF file as well.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

New feature: Custom links

Now you are able to create custom links which will be processed and redirect users to another link in your community. 

For example, you have an article "How to reset password" with some long link and you would like to publish some shorter link to the article (e.g. some paper materials). You can create a custom link which easier to remember and will redirect users to the article.

You can find these settings in your Project settings -> Project -> SEO -> Custom links

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

New feature: Access to private forums by user's group

Now you are able to provide an access to private forums by user's group. Just open your private forum settings, then select user's group you would like to provide access to selected forum.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

New feature: Sitemap.xml

Now we generate sitemap.xml for each project dynamically. Also you are able to choose what forum have to be present in the sitemap and add some specific URLs if you need it. The settings are available in your Project settings -> Project -> SEO

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

New feature: Post comments on behalf of users.

Sometime you need to add a comment from your users (on behalf of them) received via another channels (phone, etc.)Now you are able to post comments on behalf of your users. Simply click "Additional options" button on the comment form and find the user.

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