Translations of browser window title

Ryann 6 years ago in Multilanguage • updated by Vladimir Mullagaliyev (co-founder) 3 years ago 3


Currently, all the browser window titles show the name of the current forum this way in the banner: General forum / UserEcho.

This writing may be not accurate for certain languages.

For instance "Public forum" would be a mistake in French where the normal writing is reversed : "Forum public".

Instead of concatenating the translation of "forum" at the end of the forum name, I suggest to define a full string to be translated, with this kind of content for example:

%(forum_name)s forum -> Forum %(forum_name)s

No longer "fixed": meantime the word "forum" is back, with still the same problem of order as described in my feedback:

  1. when viewing any UserEcho web site in French
  2. the forum-name displayed as window title in the banner is still in English order ("Public Forum") and not French order ("Forum Public")

Satisfaction mark by Ryann 2 years ago

I guess the window title displayed in the banner has changed over time.

Now it seems that the word "forum" is no longer written, giving directly: General / UserEcho.

Therefore, this topic can be closed, the problem has disappeared ;-).