confusion between "suggest feedback" and "add your feedback" buttons

Chris Farmiloe
The combination of an "instant" search, a "suggest feedback" button and then an "add your feedback" button is very confusing.

"suggest feedback" should say "add feedback". There is no need for a button that runs the search since this already happens onkeypress.

This gives the same results without the confusion of two separate buttons.
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
    Answer Completed
Soon we add significant updates to internal design of UE
in new version first button has name "Search" it's more logical

also we consider to leave only second button at al
Chris Farmiloe
Big improvement!

The grey box around search/submit area makes it much clearer.

I still feel the "search" button is redundant, but I think it's much less confusing. Nice work.
Sergey Stukov
ok :) thanks also as you can see we do many improvement around site
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