Feedback pop up window appears at the bottom of the page

Matthew O'Riordan 6 years ago in Integration • updated by Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 6 years ago 4

One of my users recently pointed out that the feedback pop up window on our site now appears at the bottom of the page for some reason.  If you go to https://easybacklog.com, and click on Feedback (bottom right) you will see that the Feedback window for some reason appears at the bottom of the page as opposed to an overlay.  This is a new issue.

Thanks for your help.




We fixed your issue, please check and confirm.

Under review

Strange issue, we suppose that it appears due non standart widget embedding. That leads that widget loads faster than your main content.

I don't mean to be funny, but I implemented this feature based on your advice on how it should be implemented, and this ticket has been open for a VERY long time now, and it has a direct impact on my site and the ability for people to provide feedback.  Can you please look into this issue now with some urgency?

Hi Sergey

Please can you help with this issue?  I have followed the instructions you provided, and this support link is still causing problems on my website.

Here is an excerpt from an email I sent you on 7 Sep 2011:

One other thing that annoys me is that I would like to have my own custom image instead of the feedback tab which sits in the bottom right corner of the page (see http://econsultancy.com as an example).  Is this possible?

Here is the email you sent to me on 7 September 2011

You can use any image and completely custom link to your community.

Just insert widget in link mode


And then call 


via javascript when user click on your custom image.

Look at 


for customization options.

Also we have Custom CSS option in paid plans.


Sergey Stukov

And here is the code implementation of the button:

    // enable feedback button

    $('a.feedback-button').mouseover(function() {

      if (typeof UE !== 'undefined') {



    }).click(function(event) {


      if (typeof UE !== 'undefined') {


      } else {

        document.location.href = '/contact';



As your code to make the pop up appear is completely outside of my control, please could you get back to me on this?


We recommend to insert widget code just before the closing /body tag

But at this moment we apply some improvements, to our embedding scheme.

And check your website at all mayor browsers, popup works correctly.

Please check and confirm.

Also take our apologize for such long answer to your issue.

FYI, the update did not work (it only worked on the home page), in fact everywhere else it seemed to get worse.  I still have a staging version of the site up, but I'd rather not publish the URL publicly.  If you want to look at the issue, then drop me a private message and I will send you the URL.

Anyway, even though I didn't want to have non-cached Javascript code served with every page, as opposed to the CDN served solution I had before, I have now resorted to embedding the code before the </body> tag and everything is working.  You can see this at http://easybacklog.com and http://api.easybacklog.com

Thanks for the help anyway.



We fixed your issue, please check and confirm.