None of the feedback forum apps on the web have Icelandic, you guys seem to have the most support for contributing translations.
What happens when I finish translating. When will my translation appear in UserEcho admin?
Sergey Stukov
Our translation system generates files for apporoval on daily basis, tomorrow we get it and will doing some approval process and then add Icelandic support to system. If all translations will be ready.
Sergey Stukov
thanks Saevar and Tumi for active help with translation

We added Icelandic language support
also now you can add lang:'is' option in you embedded code to show Icelandic widget

29 new sentences waiting at

it would be great if you also translate ue_mailer block it's user notification messages

also we add "Icelandic" to our language switching panel
Sergey Stukov
Answer Completed
Hello we add Islandic to our languages
Join translation team and start participiate

It's here
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