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The menu that allows you to reply directly to a comment does not work properly on iPhone

Alexander Blach 4 years ago in Mobile / UserEcho for iOS • updated by Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 4 years ago 4
On iPhone, the menu with reply, pin, delete etc. commands is currently almost unusable.

I can't make the menu show without executing an action:

If you tap on the user name above a comment, the user page is opened.
If you tap on a comment, nothing happens.
If you tap where one of the buttons of this menu would appear, the action is immediately executed.

The only way to reply to a comment is to tap exactly where the (invisible) reply button would be. If I tap the wrong location, I accidentally pin the comment or vote it up or down.

I guess that the action menu should always be visible. All my users seem to create new comments instead of answering existing ones.
I've just noticed that after replying to a comment, the comment action menu shows automatically. This does not work when you open a topic for the first time, so it seems to be a bug.
Can you reproduce the issue?
Thanks for report, we able to reproduce it and now considering about better solution to improve usability of mobile iPhone version.