My widget's text does not display

justin 5 years ago in Widgets • updated by Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 5 years ago 5
Great product!

I'm however having trouble to let my widget text display (on the right).

Can you please assist?

Our site is http://app.lifestash.co.za.

Under review
Give us your UE insertion code.
Strange we embedded this code in our test page and it works.

Seems something happens when you place it in your page.
We did't see code directly in your page source how you embed it?
We see that your site request 

%20 is not needed. It's not needed space character.
Seems you must recheck how you insert code.
Thanks so much.

We put the script in our core javascript file. When we put it on the page it worked fine.

Issue resolved.