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Login via Windows Phone 7 / IE9 browser

JDB 7 years ago in Usability & Interface • updated by Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 6 years ago 8

When loggin in via IE9 from Windows Phone 7 using Google signin it ends stuck at http://jdb.userecho.com/rpx_response/ showing a blank page.

I can confirm login is done indeed but need to enter again to the site.

All the rest of the site works fine on WP7. Just this issue with login.



Now problems with Windows Phone 8

I have already tried this on 3 different Windows Phones and behavior is consistent. Please take a look at this. You can install the Windows Phone emulator for Visual Studio and test it on the emulators IE browser.


Problem remains: blank page stuck at http://feedback.userecho.com/rpx_response/?token=6c8b19680e108ac9c28a5aa66f86c09552d61beb&next=/

Please solve asap, at least put a "click here to continue". My customers usually connect from Windows Phone and this is breaking communication...

We released first fix, now users redirected to root URL of community after success-full authorization.
Can't they be redirected to the topic they were before signing in?
We will do such redirect, to the same page from which authorization was started. It's planned to tomorrow bunch of updates. 

Now problems with Windows Phone 8