cannot access my administration board

Admin (spiir)
hi. i have a user on named spiir. when i logon there is no administration board available to the user. only simple administration as with all other users. could you help me here?
Admin (spiir)
How do i logon as spiir? i cannot see the e-mail adresses anywhere in the system.

i have 3 users spiir@... (this is the one that was called spiir and that i changed to Admin (spiir)) just 2 hours ago. then i have rm@... and mairune@... .

none have admin priveledges anymore.
Sorry sergey i found one more user (feedback@...). just close this one. thanks for the help and patience :)
Sergey Stukov
Well, glad that you got
Now in the settings you can set permissions as you need
Sergey Stukov
Answer Fixed
At this moment user "spiir" has administrative access to

User "Admin (spiir)" has't

are you able to see "Setup" link when you logged as "spiir" at bottom right
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