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Mentioning other users

Otavio 4 years ago • updated by Justin Roberts 2 years ago 6

I was not able to find a post on this yet. Is it possible to build mentions / tagging (like Facebook or Twitter) in the forum?

For example "@Johnny, what do you think of this?" would ping user with handle Johnny with an email notification and would also become a clickable link "Johnny", which on click would redirect (or open up a new tab) to Johnny's profile.

This would be tremendously helpful.

Thank you.

It's a good idea @Otavio ;) Help to build community.

Smart! Inspired by "Slack"


Bump!. This would really help our workflow at Scrapinghub!. @sergey, can we have this pretty please? :)

(oh wait... mentions don't work :P)

Big bump, please!

Myself, fellow Agents, and even my Customers are users of Discourse which has a lot of pros / cons compared to UserEcho (but is not appropriate for User Support Tickets).

"@user" mentions are a valuable feature of Discourse, as are notifications of direct replies (and the option to not be notified of indirect replies to a Topic).

While off Topic -- I make a general recommendation to spend some time looking at the various features of Discourse and considering which would make sense to add to UserEcho. Just one other example: Discourse offers the use of Markdown in the editor, instead of just the formatting toolbar. Markdown is easier than editing HTML, and on mobile devices, Markdown can often be easier than using the Formatting Toolbar.


+1 ... This would really help adoption of the product internally and create a more collaborative culture.