Under review

Edit the grammar and spelling mistakes as this will make the information easier to follow

Nicole B 8 years ago • updated by Roberts, Scott 4 years ago 9
There are a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes which make the text hard to read and grasp.


Under review
Thanks. We will make review of all pages and update texts. It would be good if you point us to errors and incorrect sentences.
Under review
Thanks. We will make review of all pages and update texts. It would be good if you point us to errors and incorrect sentences.
Since you want examples, have a look at the text on your home page:

"collect customers responses" should be "collect customers' responses" (this error is repeated elsewhere, including a heading).

"All you need is just copy and paste" is as bad as "all your base are belong to us"; it should be something like, "You just need to copy and paste" or "All you need to do is copy and paste"

Capitalization of headings of the four blurbs is inconsistent.

"You can do the most necessary things for your customers at the moment." - this is very awkward. Which moment? You mean, "You can do the most necessary things for your customers at any given moment" which is still awkward. Perhaps better would be "Know what your customers want most at any given moment."

"The result is [...] growing business". That sounds like the result has a growth of business on it -- notice the similarity to "The result is growing moss". It should be along the lines of "The result is [...] a growing business". Even better: "The result is [...] business growth".

Your tagline "UserEcho - new way to listen and engage your customers" should be either "UserEcho - a new way to listen and engage your customers" or simply "UserEcho - listen and engage your customers". Additionally, it's impossible to "listen a customer". You listen to customers.

Yes, these things are small, but they matter. I can't take you seriously with such poor grammar -- it makes me cringe and want to leave the site, which I otherwise find really cool. I would consider using your site in the future, provided the grammar has been improved (it makes the site appear very unprofessional).

I personally can get over the grammar errors. The problem is, I have to sell other people on the product. In our bureaucracy, people are paranoid about security. The site is in English, and I'm guessing that isn't the editor's native language (you did much better than I could have done in another language by the way, so kudos). This raises concern with the people I have to sell it to.

I think investing in a professional editor might be worth the cost.

I love the product, and I'm likely going to start using it anyway. Keep up the great work!
Thanks, for feedback. If you see a critical sentence with error, we can fix it ASAP just point us to it.
I will send them as I find them, focusing on the actual language in the product, not your home page.

On the feedback form

"Submit a new feedback" should read "Submit new feedback"
In the help text, "Short description of Your feedback", your should not be capitalized.

Amazingly fast. Thanks.
What about including the English as any other translatable language on http://translate.userecho.com ?
Then, small mistakes could directly be corrected by native speakers motivated to improve their preferred product! :-)

By the way, the status of the English (US) language is not very clear on http://translate.userecho.com :
  1. Most texts are not translated (normal since English (US) is labeled as "correct phrases"), but some texts are translated...
    => Is already English language considered as any other translatable language?
  2. The example above "Submit new feedback" is one translated, simply into "Feedback"
    => Is this shortened translation replacing the above mentioned example?

Hello Ryann, Thank you for your opinion.
One year ago English was presented as regular translation. But it was not clear for other users, because actually we do not translate English. We use it as original text (keys). We translate for English some "short keys" only. For all other phrases it was like translate English to English. Then we decided to show English as "Correct phrases".

1. Texts is not translated. It like "suggestion" from translation system. it is not approved while it has yellow status.
2. It was "suggestion" too.

We have some Idea and will try to improve this part.