Looks like it's fixed now, thanks.
Satisfaction mark by RaMMicHaeL 5 years ago
This is your link.

The first link navigates, but to a text-based page as I see. But it does work on my end.

One of your other links here. (That's a site error for some reason.)

Seems to work for me. You should use Firefox as Javascript layering works better on Firefox than it does on Chrome. In which case I blame Chrome more than I do UE.

Second link test.

Hi Mike,

You misunderstood.
Here's the link I'm trying to post (this is an image):

This is one link, not two.

If I try to post it, this is what I get:

P.S. I'm using Firefox.
Hey RaMMicHaeL,

Sorry about that. I've never seen one URL with two "https" but you're right, it doesn't work. Although the link itself navigates and I see the site come up correctly, it doesn't embed in the given text. I've replicated this issue -- weird. 
> Hey RaMMicHaeL,
> Sorry about that. Why is there two "https" in one URL? That doesn't look valid, but I typed it out and got this. Can I see a screenshot? I've not seen a url with two https really, but I could be in the wrong here.

I don't know, that's how the Wayback Machine works.
Ah, okay. Seems possible, though. It may be that UserEcho hasn't implemented support for this kind of link, which I hope they do soon for users who need such URLs. 
The reply box of UserEcho is buggy is general. I can think of at least five bug reports from the top of my head, but I don't feel like it's worth reporting them, as the UserEcho team is not very responsive.

This one, though, even has no workarounds - there's just no way to paste this link - not in code tags, not via the HTML editor. It just ends up being screwed.
We have changed our url marking. Looks like it works now for you.