Rename "Thanks". Remove status.

Cheehan Tee
The feedback type "Thanks" is named too narrowly and doesn't work well when users just want to give praise - for example "Fantastic customer service" or "Awesome product!".
"Compliment" or "Praise" would be a more appropriate name. The compliment can easily be followed by a thank you message if the user wants, so it works well for "thank you" messages as well. But not the other way. 
Also, it doesn't make sense for this type of messages to have a status. You reply and that's that. "You're welcome" is not a status, it's a reply. If it doesn't belong there, move it to another category or feedback type, you don't have to set the status. What use is the "Not a thanks" status?
Sergey Stukov
    Under review
Sergey Stukov
    Answer Completed
We updated "thanks" type to "praise"
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