Annoying trailing space removing in the field to search/create topics

I noticed a little but annoying detail in the behavior of the search&create topic field.
It is related to trailing space in the user entry, and the automatic search of existing topic.

For instance, you want to create a topic about "How to vote for a comment"
- you start typing "How to " (note the trailing space)
- and, while you are typing, UserEcho searches and proposes relateds topics... That's perfect
- but meantime, with that screen update, your last space has been removed
- and after you type the end "vote for a comment", the resulting text entered is only "How tovote for a comment"

Is possible that the related topics display do not alter anything in the current user entry field?
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
    Answer Started
Ryann, thanks for the bug report. We've fixed it.
Thank you very much, the fix is perfect.

I'm satisfied ;-) This open topic can be closed.


Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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