Igor Andreichyn

  1. Remove italic
  2. Not proper position of elements
Sergey Stukov

Step 1:

1) Fixed tabs

2) Removed italics

Sergey Stukov
Step 2:

More compact element placement, removed unneeded captions

Sergey Stukov

Step 3:

1) More intuitive headers

2) Removed tabs and unneeded background color

3) Thinking about blue bars

Sergey Stukov

Step 4:

Password remind link moved under pass field.

Sergey Stukov
Step 5:
1) Removed second blue bar
2) Field captions placed inside as helpers

Sergey Stukov
Answer Completed
Below we presented steps of progress.
Please suggest ideas 
Sergey Stukov
We finished and update sign-in process to Step5 version.
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