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1) Whenever you click on the Suggest Feedback button, the feedback gets put under Idea even though my previous 2 posts were supposed to be under Question and Bug.

2) If you click away from this feedback box to check something then all feedback is lost and has to be retyped.

3) Only IE seems to work; when using Opera of Firefox the Add Feedback button below doesn't do anything.

4) The 'Are you human' letters below are extremely difficult to decipher.
Sergey Stukov
Hello Stan, thank you for great report, we moved your feedback to UserEcho related forum
and now start working on issues
1) Need more feedback: I clicked on Questions then Submit feedback but when I looked at the result it was posted under Ideas. Same when I clicked on Bugs.

3) Using Firefox 3.6 Beta 2 on Windows 7 x64

P.S. In IE a yellow warning banner from Checkpoint appears at the top and states:
'This site is suspicious. Leave now unless you know this site is safe'
Sergey Stukov
captcha is more human friendly now
issue 3 fixed
Sergey Stukov
for issue #1 you must choose correct tab on popup
look at screenshoot for example
"for issue #1 you must choose correct tab on popup
look at screenshoot for example"


Thanks for responding to my issues. In regards to issue #1 I probably didn't make myself clear. For the 1st issue I clicked on the Questions tab and added my comment and clicked on the Bugs issue for my next comment but they were both ended up under Ideas.
I don't know if this could be browser related as I generally use Opera 10.10 under Windows 7 x64
Sergey Stukov
ok we check how it works in opera and report soon
Sergey Stukov
    Answer Completed
1) need more info on this

2) one variant, is to save content and allow user possibility to clear feedback in one click

3) Tell us your Firefox version and OS
  we check site to correctly works with IE6-8,FF,Chrome and Safari
 (also fixed)

4) You are right we start to more clean captcha display (fixed, captcha now is more friendly)
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