Sarah S.
Usually I post about a couple of times a day! But I use user echo as a place to write my essays on specific pages. How do I enable Spacing? From HTML it is 

p {   line-height: 150%; }
Is there a possibility and ways that you can please have an icon for line spacing? 200% for class work of mine and regularly leave as is?! Thanks! ^_^
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Answered
If your project's admin wants to do it, you should add class to the project's custom CSS. It will be applied to all topics in the project.

.ue-content {
    line-height: 200%;
Mike Wentworth

Next time you can ask me. I can apply settings myself. :-) The icon isn't possible for now, but I can add a button on a custom blank page on a text editor for sure.
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