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Add votes artificially

Iago Rodríguez-Quintana 7 years ago in Usability & Interface • updated by Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago 5

Hi guys,

have you detected any way for users to add votes artificially?

Something happened yesterday in our General Forum: one user introduced a suggestion and within 1 hour later it already had 20 positive votes, which is weird in our Forum since the rest of suggestions so far took several months to reach that amount.

First I  thought he achieved it by using a mobile or a 3G connection, but afterwards I realised that we have Anonymous voting unavailable.

Do you have any idea on what could have happened?

Best regards,



Under review
Hello can you give us link to his feedback?
Under review
Hello can you give us link to his feedback?
Are you sure you did not change the configuration of the anonymous voting, recently?
In the staff settings, there are four people who can change this setting for your project.

Hello Sergey,
let me detail the steps of the incidence:

1.- user introduced the feedback
2.- about 1 hour later the number of votes had raised to 20
3.- afterwards I realised the issue, so I decided to remove "artificially" the 20 votes
4.- to do so: I checked "anonymous voting" (we had it unchecked since several weeks before) and I used a 3G connection by switching it on and off and removing 1 vote per cycle
5.- after I had removed the 20 votes, I unchecked again the "anonymous voting"
ok we understand situation now

1) Anonymous votes it's your votes thought 3G
2) 20 + votes , user just start register new users and vote +1 from each.
     you can check who votes by clicking action menu and then use Show voters function.

3) We need think how to prevent this in the future:
   3.1) Allow only users with certain rating to vote.
   3.2) Prevent votes from the same ip (but it's possible to use proxies)
   3.3) Another great solution that we don't know at this moment :)

OK, now I understand.

So, did he register users from the same IP? (I ask this because he is a reseller of our software and after the incidence took place I wondered for a while wether he could have "convinced" 20 of his customers to vote his suggestion, but I finally rejected this idea since all the process lasted too short).

And finally is it possible to cancel all those "fake" registrations? We don't want these to corrupt our community stats and of course we don't want him to use those anymore (not even more carefully as I guess he would next time).