Harmonize vocabulary for type/category of post

Ryann 4 years ago in Usability & Interface • updated by Vladimir Mullagaliyev (co-founder) 3 years ago 3
When you read a topic:
- you see its category via the info-line displaying "posted... in..."  (e.g. New features)
- you see its type via the icon for "Idea, Question, Bug..."

When you post a topic:
- the window proposes to "post in"... for the type ;-) (not the category)
- and the window proposes to select the "category"

As you can see "post in" is from one hand used for the category and on the other hand for the type.
I suggest to harmonize all this to help the user clearly differentiate type & category.

A possibility could be to "re-label" the fields in the new topic input formular:
1. "Post in" could be relabeled "Type" (of topic)
2. "Category" could then be relabeled "Post in", as displayed after it's posted (as it's really the destination where the post will be published).
Satisfaction mark by Ryann 3 years ago


After changes in UserEcho over time, now the info-line of a topic display "... in <category>" and no longer "posted in <category>".

Since this use disappeared, therefore there isn't any longer two uses of verb "post in" meaning two different things.

So maybe the suggestion of this topic can still be relevant... but it can also be ignored and closed :-)