Sergey Stukov
1) source url of web page, from where feedback was started
2) browser and resolution details
3) screenshot
4) e.t.c.
Sergey Stukov
Under review
Timur Junussov
Introduce feedback characteristic, for most case we need standard feedback describing web, but there are some cases, where it is not applicable for ex: when user discussing not website, there we are discussing ideas, screenplays. Here attachments will be Movie, Photo, etc.
(без названия)
also we need IP and version of flash player
Sergey Stukov
Sergey Stukov
Answer Completed
We added ability to see user environment who leaves feedback.
To see it click "more" action on feedback and choose "user environment"

We added: Screen resolution, User agent, Flash version and IP address.

Feel free to ask additional info if needed.

I just noticed that this "Additional information" menu item is also proposed to non admin users (In the "More" menu associated to the topic they have just posted).

Currently, if the user selects this menu item, the rotating wheel appears and never ends: no additional info displayed.

Maybe this menu item should be hidden for non admins? Or maybe agree to display the additional information, which represents their own user information?


By the way, is the screen resolution correct in those additional informations?

It seems that the width is correct for me, but not the height (always a bit smaller than my screen).

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