Plural for Praise and Article?

Ryann 6 years ago in Usability & Interface • updated by Vladimir Mullagaliyev (co-founder) 6 years ago 5


When viewing a topic list, the tabs at the top are labeled:

| All XX1 | Questions XX2 | Bugs XX3 | Praise XX4 | Article XX5 |

By the way, why not "Praises" and "Articles", with plural?

=> homogeneous and logical according to the count number displayed just next to this labels.



Changed. Waiting your translation for "Praises" :)

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Changed. Waiting your translation for "Praises" :)


(and congratulations, very reactive from your side once again!)

By the way, I noticed currently a weird thing with French translation of UserEcho on the tool: "UserEcho website" section has all its word counters strangely equal to zero (All, Reviewed, etc.). And when displaying "All messages" + "Untranslated", one can see some strange strings to be localized:

test ' test --> not translated
in ' d --> not translated
test ' > test --> not translated

Would single quote problem be back again?

Thanks Ryann.
Don't worry. It just my tests, I am going to delete this phrases from translation system .


OK. I noticed that the above mentioned strings (your tests) were removed.

Nevertheless all the four counters (Untranslated, ... , ... , All) for French > UserEcho website are currently to zero... whereas I can see plenty of strings if I click on "All" counter of "Userecho website".

Is it normal? Are you still testing?

Hello Ryann.
It's normal. The reason  is that we are using just two languages on the our website http://userecho.com (try to change language), and all languages in forums


Oh, I see. Didn't remark these 0 counters before, but now I realize that most languages have all the "Userecho website" strings counters to zéro.

Clear for me, thank you.