Automatic status set when creating a bug topic?

Currently, when I create a new bug topic in my community,
the status "UNDER REVIEW" is automatically associated.

However, there is no automatic status associated to other feedback types (questions, ideas...)

Is it normal to get this automatic status?
Is it possible to configure it somewhere in the admin setup? (I missed it).
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Answered
Hi Ryann,
When you post new topic (any type) it will has no status.
Status will be changed to the "Under review" automatically when you first reply.

Please check it again and give us link to the topic if you will have the same problem.
I must confirm that the described behavior has disappeared, whereas I had tested it several times before submitting it.
Can't explain why... Maybe related to the fix of another detail?

But anyway, now it works perfectly. Sorry.
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