Visual difference for private messages in Feedback summary



I notice that in User profile > Feedback, the private messages are mixed with the public topics... without any explicite visual difference...

I must admit I've been afraid a few seconds thinking certain topics were public feedback ;-) ;-)

Is there any chance to have an clear visual difference (different color background when hovering? a special icon for "Private" in the place for the "Vote" count? Other ideas?...)



Another solution could be not to show private messages in Feedback history, since there is already a special history for Private messages, separately.

It may be simpler not to show private messages mixed in the feedbacks at all?

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Under review

Each UserEcho's forum can be closed for one person and opened for other. 

May be the better way is show forum's name in each feedback or separate feedback by forums (we are talking about user profile). 

P.S. Users with no rights to current feedback won't see it in your profile.


Thank you for those details.

Then I'm not sure to understand every details you mention ;-)

But, as a conclusion, my only suggestion was concerning an explicit distinction between "private messages" and "public posts" that currently are listed together for the user...

(any solution for that would be a "plus").

Sergey Stukov
Answer Completed
Now, each private topic marked with "red top border & private badge" 

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