Currently, when a user view all the fields of his profile from a particular community,
the page displays two blocks:
  1. All the fields (global ones of UserEcho and custom ones of the community)
  2. Security passwords

Wouldn't it be much more clear if displayed with 3 blocks?
  1. Global fields of UserEcho
  2. Custom fields of the current community
  3. Security passwords
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Declined
Hi Ryann,
This is a good idea, but we are going to separate all accounts by projects.
Each account will be linked with one project soon. And settings will work for selected project only.
That's why I am declining your idea.

Ah? A separation by project... OK, I understand... Then my suggestion is no longer to be taken into account.
Thanks for the answer.
Looking forward to discovering this new feature soon!
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