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How can we edit idea after 2 hours?

Simon C 4 years ago • updated by Ryann 4 years ago 7
We would like our users to be able to edit their ideas (feedback) at any time. At the moment it locks down after 2 hours - how can we turn this off?

Under review
Give us idea, why you need this feature?
Note that community staff members able to edit ideas (anytime)

We limited edit time for other users, to prevent false logic.
For example user create an idea, that other users vote for it, comment etc.
After that if user change his idea text (content) we will have another idea but with votes & comment from the old one.
Hey Sergey, thanks for getting back to me :)

So we are using UserEcho as an internal tool for coming up with innovative ideas to build at work. Voting for us isn't really a big issue, and as the forum is private (not public to the world) the idea of updating an idea with more content is more important than keeping the original context (we want to use it as a way of keeping their progress up-to-date).

Is there a way of doing this?

How do I make people community staff members? Can they edit anyone's ideas or just their own? Will it cost more money?
If you will add them to the staff members group it will cost additional 15 USD/mo for each user, seems that it not best solution for your case.

We have modular system and able to develop a custom module for your community, this module will remove time restriction and users will be able to edit their content anytime. We ready to develop it and apply for your community it will cost additional 15 USD monthly to your current cost. Please confirm here is it applicable to you?
Generally speaking, I think that two improvements would be possible about this point:

  1. For the user interface:
    I guess I understood that the delay to modify a feedback is 2 hours, but it is different for a comment : only 30 minutes. Whatever the delays are, I think that the user should be informed of these values. In other words, the "Edit" action should be still clickable, but a warning message would say "Sorry, after X minutes you can not edit this feedback any longer, please contact the admin of this community" (and another warning for the comments).
  2. For the admin interface:
    the two edition delays (feedback and comments) should be customizable.

Hello Ryann. We agree with you that comment and feedback should have the same time to edit. And maybe it should be editable from project settings. But we do not want to show actions that doesn't work at this time.
Hello Vladimir I agree with you also but till now I am accessing all, the point so in this case what you say and I am smoothly developing my project.
Hello Vladimir,
Yes, I can understand you prefer avoiding "showing" a function, that does work in fact (since it would raise a message "Sorry after X minutes you can't edit..."
Maybe a compromise would be to "grey" the Edit action (so it's clean and clearly no longer working) but with a bubble as tooltip giving the above information to the user: "After X minutes you can't edit the comment"...