An admin parameter to disable vote for replies?

Ryann 5 years ago in Usability & Interface • updated by Vladimir Mullagaliyev (co-founder) 2 years ago 5
Is there an admin parameter to disable the votes concerning replies only?
(and only let vote globally for the topic itself).

By default, users can vote for a topic, but can also vote separately for one or several replies in that topic (that are counted in a separate counts).
Some communities don't need that secondary votes and such a parameter would make things simpler in that case.

Great, many thanks.

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Would there be a possibility for that option?

In certain forum, where the criterion to accept a suggestion is the number of votes, it is quite annoying to have some votes "lost" because newcomers voted for one of the comment and not the global vote for the topic itself.

P.S. Another suggestion/solution for that would be to make the "+1" count also for the global counter of the topic... But I don't know if this is better...

Hello Ryann,

We will do it later, because of low interest of another users for this topic (0 votes) and a lot of another tasks :)

I'm finding very few Customers are using the Reply Vote thumb-up function ... and ever fewer use the Reply Vote thumbs-down ... but that just makes the occasional thumbs-down even more "jarring".

Perhaps a "Like" button is handy to show a comment is acknowledged by various Agents and Customers, but, as stated by Ryann, it does confuse and distract Customers from the most importing button: Topic Vote.

So... I think I lean towards eliminating Reply voting entirely (as a Forum configuration option). Thank-you.