Bug in category selector

Ryann 4 years ago in Usability & Interface • updated by Vladimir Mullagaliyev (co-founder) 4 years ago 3
There seems to be a little bug in the category selector (right side of UserEcho web page).
Let's give an example:

  1. Click on "iPhone" From homepage of http://feedback.userecho.com/
    => you see only two topics, currently, and category "iPhone" is hilighted
  2. Then click on UserEcho (in the upper bar) to go back to homepage
    => you see now category "All topics" hilighted
  3. Nevertheless if you click on "Recently updated feedbacks"
    => you see only the two ones from the category "IPhone", whereas the category "All topics" is hilighted
  4. If you manually correct the category selector and click yourself on "All topics"
    => everything turns back to be correct and you see plenty of topics as expected


Satisfaction mark by Ryann 4 years ago
Arg, is the fix enabled currently?
The bug, as described above, can still be reproduced.
Hi Ryann, 
Sorry, we missed one link. Now it fixed too.