Feedback submit screen keeps resizing


Attempting to use the "Feedback" feature for the userecho system in general - the window that pops up keeps resizing up and down over and over and over. Tested in FireFox (Latest), Chrome (Latest), IE9, IE10, and Safari.

Update : Also, submitting feedback seems to lock up. This was happening in Chrome.

Sergey Stukov
Under review

Try to refresh page with CRTL+R or F5, it's would be good if you ableto send use screencast of this issue to

Sergey Stukov

We cannot reproduce issue at this moment.


Hey, I was not able to get a screen cast, as I was not running any such software when this happened. But I did manage to get screen shots. I'll try to get a screen cast, but I don't have any kind of software for that.

Best I could do for you was show you the time and session were the same. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Sergey Stukov
Answer Fixed

We fix issue, please check, is it ok now?

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