Eugene Efremov
I signed up for userecho using my twitter account in order to post some feedback for imgur.  then I noticed the pink envelope icon next to my name and clicked on it.  It's asking me for my email address and to enter a password.  First of all I am pretty sure you can get my email address from my twitter info, if you are so inclined.  Second of all, the reason I used my twitter account instead of just registering with an email address and password is because I didn't want to register with an email address and password, and I still don't.  I'm just going to forget this ever happened and pretend I don't see the pink envelope, and hopefully the next time I want to post feedback about some site with userecho (like right now), my lack of email address and password won't be an issue.
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Not a bug
Hello Eugene.
Unfortunately, twitter does not provide user's email by API.

This is list of parameters, provided by Janrain from twitter.

One more link for this information here .

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