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Is there any possibility to add a custom field (associated to our project) in the User profile?

For instance a client number, or a licence number, that would make things easier for the staff to manage this customer request(s).

It would be welcome to have both possibilities:

- field writable by the user and the project staff

- field writable only by the project staff


We wrote knowledge base topic about custom fields in user profile.

Now fields can be Public/Private and Required/Not required
Thank you very to have taken this function into account!
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We wrote knowledge base topic about custom fields in user profile.

Now fields can be Public/Private and Required/Not required
This new feature looks great on the documentation... Thanks!
But arggggggg, can't test it since it's not available in my plan ;-)
Hi Ryann,
We've added this feature to your account.
Many thanks, I'll test as soon as possible!
Fields can be Public/Private and Required/Not required": absolutely perfect!
Those two statuses are clearly visible in the admin interface.

Nevertheless, for the user, only the "Public/Private" is clear (with icons).
"Required/Not required" may be visible with a little '*' character, but the usage of that '*' is not currently clear in UserEcho profile since:
- there is a '*' only for field "Your name*" (and not for E-mail and not for BIO...). So does it mean required? Not required? Something else?
- there is no written explanation of what means the '*'

It would be welcome:
- to add a * after required fields
- to add a footer text explaining:  " * required fields "
The implementation looks greatly inspired, but I encounter some problems:

  1. In the dialog box to create a new feedback, any tooltips for the custom fields is displayed "under" the field, and then partially hidden, whereas it should be "over" the field like all other tooltips work perfectly.
  2. When entering a new topic in a community where I already posted: I've be asked to enter that (new) profile fields. Then these fields (if public) have correctly been displayed under my post. But I've been asked to enter them again at the next post, as if they were not stored in my profile forever. And indeed (unlike the snapshot in your knowledge base) the custom fields I entered when posting my topic are not listed when viewing my own profile page...
HI Riann,
2. You've added custom fields to the topic! It means that data will be different for each topic.
If you need some data related to the user you should add custom fields to the User! Check you custom field settings https://laboxideale.userecho.com/settings/custom_fields/topic/ and select "Object type" User.
Oh, I get it! My mistake.
Did not even imagine that custom fields could be "per-topic". That's clear now.
Hi Ryann,
Check out our change log http://feedback.userecho.com/topic/436206-userecho...
Hope last feature will be helpful for your project.
Unlike the window to enter a new topic (where the layout is perfect), I noticed that the mention "Field required" is badly placed totally on the left side in the window required the user to fill the missing fields (see following snapshot).

Besides, the "calendar" icon to select a date is not working in the above window (whereas it works in the user profile window). By the way this calendar icon is totally missing when entering a date related to a topic (in the topic edition window).

Finally, as above, it seems possible to manually enter a date (that's a good idea). But there is no syntax checking for that date. For instance, the above wrong date "32/32/32" is accepted... (but not saved in the profile ;-))
It's seem not totally fixed:
1. Unlike other windows to enter that custom field (Window for topic edition, or window of user profil) the red text "Required field" is not correctly placed under the field (but totally on the left... see above image).

2. Even worse, the checking of the validity for a manual entry is not very user-friendly:
* in the user profile, if you enter "32/32/32" as a date after a previous correct date entered, then the new entry is ignored and the field is not modified (OK). Whereas when you enter 32/32/32 when the field is empty, then the entry is not ignored and the field is automatically set to today (it would be more homogeneous to ignore the entry too).
* in the above window (raised just before entering a topic) it's a bit different: for the same reason, if you enter "32/32/32", the system automatically replaces by today  when you click "Save". Then your bad entry seems to be accepted (wheras in fact your bad entry has been converted to today).

=> I think that the best in any of the situations of the above case #2 should be to refuse any "bad" entry and simply ignore this bad entry. (Then, if this entry is a required field, the user will have to re-enter a correct entry without any automatic conversion and acceptation of his bad value).
We've improved custom fields validation and now it should works fine.
I just noticed that now the behaviour has really changed:
1. Required fields entry cannot be delayed until the first message post:
now the user MUST enter them immediately when filling in his profile form.
2. A second even bigger change: a NOT required date field can not be erased and left empty if you entered another value before...
Are those 2 new behavior really wanted?
Hi Ryann,
1. We think it's OK, because this fields have the same validation for the all places.
2. Thanks, we've fixed it. Now user is able to clear date if it not required.
Great and quick! Thanks a lot!
Errors now displayed at the correct position.

Another detail:
whereas it's correct for some other languages (English, Russian, Deutsch) the display of a date in the User Profile is not correct in French:
For instance you get today:
EN: 07/01/2014
RU: 01.07.2014
FR: j N 2014 <= rather amazing ;-)
Maybe the 3 strings "DD", "MM", "YYYY" used to display the date templates (like DD/MM/YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD ...) could then be available in the translation tool to be printed in the user's language:

"DD" = ...
"MM" = ...
"YYYY" = ...
We can now "translate" YYYY (into AAAA in French).
But DD and MM are still missing.
(In French only DD is necessary to translate into JJ. But generalizing the translation possibility to the 3 strings (DD, MM, YYYY) would address any language.)
Hello Ryann. You are able to translate each of ('DD','MM','YYYY'). Try to search it in the translation interface.
We have translated it for you.
Thank you very much! Great.