Group email notifications into the same thread (per topic)

Pablo Hoffman 5 years ago in Usability & Interface • updated by Vladimir Mullagaliyev (co-founder) 3 years ago 10

Other services, like Github, use the same subject for their email notifications about the same issue or pull request. This allows to see all emails in the same thread in gmail and clients that support grouping by thread/conversation. This is quite convenient to keep you inbox cleaner.

In order to do this, UserEcho would only need to use the same subject for all the notification emails about the same topic.

So instead of:

    [Project / Forum] New feedback "some topic"


    [Project / Forum] New comment for "some topic"

There would be a single subject like:

    [Project / Forum] "some topic"

With the first lines of the email describing the action that happened over it "New feedback created", "New comment added for this topic", etc.

Alternatively, being able to customize the subject (I know footer and from already are) would provide the functionality I need, but I think it'll be a better default behavior for UserEcho nevertheless.



Feature at the beta test stage now.

Under review

We understand your idea, will provide extended status on this query within 24 hours.

Any decision about this Sergey?

We already implemented this feature and testing it on our beta users at this moment, confirm here and we will add your user id to this feature testing group so you will start receive notifications in the new format.


We have enabled new notification format for your user account.

Thanks, looking good!

Welcome, soon it will be enabled for all users.


Feature at the beta test stage now.

Is this still in Beta, or has this been completed?


Hello Scott,

This idea has been completed 2 years ago. We didn't change status of this topic to completed.

All notifications for one topic has the same header. So, if oyur mail system support this feature they going to be grouped in one thread.