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MrChris2012 4 years ago in Widgets • updated by Shaun A Kranish 3 years ago 9
I would like to have a widget on my website which has a search box for everything (all forums and knowledge base) but has a compact knowledge base view beneath the search box (like the one that comes with the default Knowledge Base widget).

The knowledge base widget is almost exactly what I want except that if a user doesn't find a suitable answer to their question, rather than 'Adding' a new KB article, they should be able to ask their question as a forum post (in a forum of my choosing).

Is this possible?


Yes it's possible, setup a default widget and give us link to it we will help you to configure it, as you stated before.
Yes it's possible, setup a default widget and give us link to it we will help you to configure it, as you stated before.
Brilliant, here's a link to the General Forum widget we are using: https://exclaimer.userecho.com/settings/customize/forum/36967/mode/widget/
Please check following widget setup

It's widget for your General forum, we slightly updated it configuration.

So now:
1) it will search on both General forum and your Knowledgebase
2) If user will leave request in it, it will appear in your General forum
3) It has KB presenter on it

Spot on, that's perfect! Have you made some special changes or is this something I could reproduce myself? I'm just concerned if someone else changes it in the future, is this something I could setup myself or would I need to ask you again?
We did it completely via UE configuration interface, so it's possible to reproduce the same configuration. Feel free to ask us again if you need any help regarding UE setup. Because config is very flexible, sometimes it not clear how to implement required setup, but we trying do it more intuitive, step by step.

I think I'm looking for something like this as well. I was getting a bit frustrated that the search at the top only seems to search 1 knowledge base and forum. I would love to have it search site-wide. My website is: http://support.electrahealth.com

Thank you so much for your help if we could also do this on my site :D I think it might be a great feature.

I bet it would be a really popular feature to allow customization of the search widget - choosing which knowledge bases and forums it searches, and then choosing what action it directs users to take if they don't find the answer they're looking for. I bet this would be really really popular.

I know in our business it seems to make sense to have multiple knowledge bases just to separate things. Yet we'd want someone to get quick answers as well - so they should be able to search across all knowlege bases and forums at the same time.

We really need this functionality on our website - it seems to make a lot more sense to search across all knowledge bases and all forums (global search) for us. I would love users to be able to find knowledge base articles OR forum threads. This is really needed for our widget and also for our site. I have been looking and looking for a way to customize it, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do this.

Thank you for your help - really need to get this fixed as soon as possible. Thanks!

Hello Shaun, at this moment we can add dedicated settings to your account that will enable all-inclusive search within all your knowledge bases and forums from one place. Just write request to the support@userecho.com with your project alias from the email of your community administrator.