opera 9.23 widget bug

    Under review
as i see your widget work even in very buggy ie 5.5-6.0
but not work in my Opera 9.23 - it crashed JS in widget
Inline script compilation
Syntax error while loading: line 1 of linked script at http://cdn.userecho.com/js/widget-1.4.gz.js :
l){UE.Util={render:function(a,b){return a.replace(/\#{([^{}]

here you could find differen version of opera ftp://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/

error that i found - not escaped "{" and "}"

return a.replace(/\#{([^{}]*)}/g, function(d, c)
return a.replace(/\#\{([^{}]*)\}/g, function(d, c)

i know that opera 9.23 very old, but it works fine except some css3 selectors and new js methods to css3 selectors

hope you fix this issue

Sergey Stukov
    Answer Under review
Thank you for detailed report
We will check issue and apply a fix soon
At this moment we test site only with latest version of Opera browser
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