Display Facebook widget localized?

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Is there any way to get the Facebook widget displaying in the same language as the UserEcho pages? It seems that Facebook provides it localized?

For instance, see:




Thank you for your idea. We are going to update the Facebook widget to support user's language.


Thank you!

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Thank you for your idea. We are going to update the Facebook widget to support user's language.


I notice that now the widget is localized on UserEcho, thank you.

But using the two links from my initial post, it seems to much vertically compacted on UserEcho and, e.g. the number of "likes" can't be totally displayed or the "Share" button is then missing... Possible to fix that?


On that site they use different plugin, called Light box. It has beed deprecated by Facebook.


We use very last plugin from Facebook. Will try to work with parameters to get better view.

Thanks for the answer.

From the link you gave, Facebook indeed ask to switch from this obsolete "Like Box plugin" to the current "Page Plugin" (the one you use on UserEcho?). OK, that's clear we do not want an obsolete plugin ;-)

They add:

If you did not manually upgrade to the Page Plugin, your Like Box plugin implementation will automatically fall back to the Page Plugin.

Does it mean than the same layout is possible with the new plugin, like it was displayed with the previous?

If so, it is worth indeed to try some parameters with the new plugin (you use) to reach a better display as in the older one (used on the other website).

Thank you for your effort!

Yes, we've updated to the Page Plugin. It's almost similar to your's example, but has some problem woith auth weight and small place for a plugin.


Will try different parameters to find best view for this plugin.

So, we changes some parameters, now it looks much better in English version, but still has some problem in France because of small widht.

Yes, I observed the current rendering that greatly improved.

I guess that without enlarging the column width, the result can't be better.

Thank you!


I just thought of a possibility:

  • currently the placeholder for your Facebook widget adds surrounding margins not very small
  • currently the placeholder for the community logo does not add any margins

=> wouldn't it be possible for your Facebook integration to follow the same behaviour as the community image integration: no margins added?