Including article content within another article - staying DRY

Rob White IV

When writing an article for a knowledge-base, I'd like to be able to include either all or part of another article within that article.

Our software is built from many individual 'interfaces' that are used together to complete a variety of tasks. So, I'd like to organize my knowledge-base into an extremely granular section detailing individual interfaces, then include those (or portions of those) articles into broader 'how to' or 'walk through' articles.

It seems to follow the 'canned response' feel, but would be used when authoring articles. It would be a major bonus if I could specify portions of individual articles as the excerpt to use.

This would offer me the ability to author a full feature walk through that would update automatically anytime we update an interface, and subsequently, its help article.

Is this a possibility?


Vladimir Mullagaliyev
    Under review

Hello Rob,

We do not have this feature right now. You can do links from one article to another one. But seems it is not what you want.

We've converted your "Question" to "Idea" and will discuss about it.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
    Answer Completed

Hello Rob,

We've added a special tag to include content from one article to another articles.

Read more information about this feature here

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