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It is possible for the admin to use the action "Answer" under a reply in a topic to tag it as "ANSWER".

But how can we undo that action?

(if it was a mistake click by the admin and there is no answer for the moment ;-) The "Answer" action is not displayed any more under the reply selected after clicking it by mistake.)

Why not let the "Action" remain in the possible actions, but with a "toggle" behaviour: set "ANSWER" / unset "ANSWER" ?



We going to implement this feature soon, have the similar requests in our Helpdesk.

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We going to implement this feature soon, have the similar requests in our Helpdesk.

OK, thank you, looking forward to reading that new feature in the change log! :-)

We have added new feature:

Now, it's possible to undo "Mark as answer" action

May be you suggest shorter label for action.

Great, many thanks, it works perfectly!

For a shorter text suggestion, I don't know ;-)

  • "Unmark as answer" (since the opposite was "Mark as answer")
  • "Toggle answer"

But the length is not really a problem.

If you really want to save space, maybe this action could be removed from there (the comment marked as answer) and be placed:

  1. in the answer area itself (which just beneath the question, in the topic page)
  2. or in the global actions in the right column (with "Change status", "Assign category") by adding a new link like "Unmark the answer" or "Unmark answer" or "Remove answer mark"...

By the way, I suggest to rename the current Action "Answer" into "Mark as answer".

Currently, as visible on your above screenshot, there is also the action "Reply" which could be easily confused with "Answer" (and vice versa) when you click too fast... Whereas our action is not to "Answer" but to "Mark" as answer...

We have a request to add some properties to "Edit comment" like "visibility".


Maybe we will move an "Answer" menu to the same place ("Edit comment") to have less unused actions visible by default.

Why not.

Nevertheless, it would not be very natural and very logical to make visible this action (Mark as answer) only when editing a comment (as asked in that other request) since the mark action is not really and edition.

Usually a support agent do set up the mark "Answer" when he post a comment. So, in most cases this action just waste available space in actions.

Again, we do not hide it yet, just thinking about it.

Here is the screenshot of this action in the agent interface on small screens (yes, some users still use small screens)

So, we are trying to keep useful actions only and use short names for them.