The Agent Interface proposes the Overview page to see plenty of informations about the visit to our community: Tpics created, Comments, Votes...

Some of them display the IP, some display the Country/Town associated to the IP, but it would be worth adding to the IP the "Network" to which it belongs, as displayed on for instance.

  • It could be added "under" the IP column on the Votes page, like that:
    (Comcast Cable Communications, Inc.)
  • Moreover, like current page Votes, other pages would take benefit of displaying the IP (and network) info:
    Topics, Comments, Visits, Pageviews...

Do you think it's possible?

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Under review


We think it is possible. We do not think it is helpful.

We have an information about user's Country. Maybe we can add an information about user's City. Not sure if usually you need information about network provider.



The information about user's city is already present in the column "Location" next to the "IP address".

Concerning the Network, you are right, this is not very important and even not really answering to our curiosity because in fact, we were wondering from which "domain" came the visitors (for instance from, or from ;-))

Maybe have you any idea for that instead of manual tests on the IP?

But the request is really not a high priority.

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