Indicate email when posting as anonymous

Karl-Emil Bilstrup 3 years ago in New features • updated by Vladimir Mullagaliyev (co-founder) 3 years ago 17


Is it possible to make a function, where users who are not logged in, have to indicate an email to post or comment? So when they click post, they will be asked for an email and when the post is updated the user receive an email as an notification.





We have similar requests from our users.

Our current form looks like

When you click on "Sign up" link bellow email you will see something like

So, seems like you need the second form with an option to "sign in" for existing users, because our current registration requires email and name only.

We are going to improve this form. Will let you know in this topic.

I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing. I want it to be for users possible to post topics and comment by the user indicates a mail. When the topic is updated the user receive a mail with an notification. The user never has to register.

Because of too easy registration (email and name) we do not see a reason to do not register a user. We even can do the "name" an optional parameter.

Actually if he left his email we are going to register him anyway, because he has to have an optuon to unsubscribe in the future or change his preferences. He must have an account for it.

We have a lot of users who will come to our community with just one question. If they have to register, they may think it's too much work and never ask the question. There could be a link in the mail, they can click, if they want to unsubscribe?

It is really easy to sign up, but the user still have to click the 'sign up' link and they don't now how easy it is.

In fx UserVoice it just ask for you mail if you are not looged in and trying to post something. You type in your mail and click post. It feels a lot more simple and like less work.

Correct, we are going to do the same. It will be like hidden registration with email only and name is optional. The first screen will show email request (second screen).

We do registration anyway. If user wants to leave a Helpdesk request he has to have an access to his request later. We will improve registration process. So, user will think that he just leave his email.


please take a look on a topic form in our community (sign out first). We do some experiments with an authentication of a user in this form.

Now it looks like:

Sorry haven't answered. I must have missed it somehow.

It looks really greate!

Is it possible to activate it in our community?

Also in the helpdesk.


We are planning to release this feature in a week. We need to finish some settings for this feature.

We will let you know in this topic.


We've decided to add you to our test for this feature. Now you have this form enabled in your community.

Thanks. It looks good.

I have a problem with this scenario:

An unregistered user sends a ticket with the widget. The user indicate his email.

The user sends a new ticket with the widget. The widget now require a password from the user, but the user never indicated a password.

Our users should not have the feeling, that they have to be registered, just because they want to ask a question to our helpdesk.

This is the only way how our system works.

First time the user enter his email and we register him by email only. We have to do registration to provide the user access to his tickets.

Second time, if he enter the same email he has to enter the password. We cannot combine requests from different users in one account. Otherwise, user with second request will be able to see the first request with no password entered.

If he doesn't know his password he can request the password change in one click.

I understand, but I think it's a general problem that your helpdesk acts like a forum.


Actually if you send email to Helpdesk you will not be asked fo a password. But if you post request from the forum you will, because you must see this request after post. We cannot show it if you are not authenticated (or we have to create a separate account with the same email).