New Ticket button missing

Rolo Laria

When I go to "Tickets" section (on the fixed top menu bar), I go to a page where I can see all my private tickets (ok)

But there is no "New Ticket" button there! the user may get lost or confused on where he must create a new ticket!

1. You should add a "New Ticket" button above private tickets list

2. When I hover the "Ticket" section in top menu, you should show 2 drop down submenus: "New Ticket" and "My Tickets"

I hope you can do this to dramatically improve UserEcho!

Thanks a lot

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Under review

Hello Rolo,

This is not a bug, so, we've converted it to Idea.

Actually you can see you regular topics (feedback, bug report, etc.), but you cannot post them from that page. This is like you profile.

Some projects has more than one forum/Helpdesk. That's why we do not add this button on that page. Each forum has link to his Helpdesk (example: 2 different products = 2 forums and two linked helpdesk).

Will wait for votes for this idea.

Rolo Laria

I see you have implemented this idea...please marked as answered


Sergey Stukov
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