Add ability to set YouTube width / height params from 'insert vid' form.

Rob White IV 3 years ago in Usability & Interface • updated 3 years ago 5

Hello All!

First, I think you're doing a great job. Now, let me whine about your product a moment. :)

My support staff is a group of non-technical people, so I would like to avoid having to teach them the skill of manually adding params in an html editor, if possible.

I understand your goal is to support more than just YouTube videos, so I can also understand if this isn't something you want to do, but if it could be an option, I'd like to see (at minimum) width and height param inputs on the 'Insert Video' form.



It would also be wonderful if the 'align' param were an option I could set in the form.



Hey guys!

Just checking in on this topic. Is this something that you guys are still considering?




Hello Rob, we have collaborate inside our team about this idea and decide to leave embed dialog as is.

It's possible to set video width & height on the YouTube side embed dialog, find out details on the screenshot below.

Thanks guys. I suppose that is a reasonable approach. I will instruct the team.