Option to have conditional fields for topic submission dependent on status or category.

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I'd like to have fields only show if a certain status or category is selected. My specific use case is that we have a template system where we'd like project managers to designate specific modules they're talking about in their post (e.g. content_50 module, cta module) as well as the URL they spotted the issue on. I've created a custom field for that, but I only when the "bug" status is selected. I only want it when the "bug" status is selected because we also want project managers to submit ideas for new modules they could use for their clients. In that use case, it really doesn't make sense to have those fields under the "ideas" status.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
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Hello Christopher,

Actually our "Combobox" custom fields does support visualization by selected value from another "Combobox" custom field.

Seems like it doesn't work for you because you want to check the status combobox (this is not a custom field) and you want to show another type if custom field to the user (not a combobox).

So, this is not so easy to implement in common way for all projects and all situations.

The only advise for now is try to add some custom JS script in the Custom JS/CSS section to check selected value and change visible fields. This is not so easy too and has some limitations:

1. The custom field cannot be required, because if you hide it from user the topic cannot be saved with empty value.

2. Not so easy to configurate different scenario and available to project admin only (does not available for regular support agent).

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