Ability to search topics in the Agent interface by comments text


would like this functionality as well for all my forums. My specific use case is that I like to post the corresponding Pivotal Tracker story Link/Story ID as a comment so I can keep it tied to the original UserEcho ticket. I need to be able to search for the Pivotal Tracker Story


Currently Zapier support isn't robust enough to accomplish this I'm manually updating User Echo statuses when Pivotal Tracker tasks are completed. Ideally I'd have a trigger for Pivotal tracker status changes to change the status of a User Echo ticket automatically, but that functionality isn't possible at the moment.

Ah I want to clarify actually. I need this in my "user agent" view not on the forum as a whole. Might have posted to the wrong thread....

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

Hello Christopher,

We've converted your comments to an Idea and already started it.

When it will be done we will let you know here.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
    Answer Completed

Task has been completed.

More information in our changelog http://feedback.userecho.com/topics/6870-userecho-changelog/#comment-22240

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