Terry Gauchat

Very new user, so still exploring... I love access control by Forum and perhaps can figure out how to do all the organizing I need using Categories under a Forum, but not sure yet.

I have two product streams: Beta and Production and only a subset of users should have permission to ALL the "Sub-Forums" under a "master" or "parent" Beta Forum.

The Production Forum would also be a Parent of a similar but distinct list of sub-Forums.

This is *almost* like using two separate Projects, but that would be too independent, no?

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Answered

Hello Terry,

Still not sure, but for now we think you need two forums: Beta and Production

So, if access by this two forums is enough, you can create an access list for each forum.

The you can duplicate categories for each forum. The category does not have an access list.

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