François Dubé

It would be nice to be able to allow assigning the same user to multiple groups and to allow special capabilities to multi-group users. For instance, I have person A who participates in both the efforts of group X and group Y. When he votes on a particular thread, he could be able to select he votes as a member of which group if there is a group voting limit.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Under review


For now it doesn't look like a good idea. If user has more than one vote for a topic it is already some popup selector and doesn't look easy (as one click vote).

Now if we add one more selector to select his group first it's even more difficult and not simple at all. Then we could show available votes for more than one group for the user (2,3...5? groups).

We do not like to do solutions that will be hard to understand for your users.

So, leave this Idea for review. But seems like we are going to decline it. Sorry.

François Dubé

I'm open to other solutions besides the popup. The idea is mostly that I would need a certain user to be part of multiple different groups. As for voting, I'm not entirely sure of the best way to enable this user (or if he should be able) to vote for a specific group, but I'm definitely all ears if people have other ideas :)

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