Option to Change Status, Performer, Comment etc. -- without sending Notification?

Terry Gauchat

While actively managing my Forum Topics and Tickets, I "often" want to update the Status (perhaps because the staff Agents added a Reply but forgot to set the Status), or Assign a Performer Agent, or Add a low-importance Comment/Reply...

But in many of these administrative cleanup situations, I don't want the Customer to be bothered with excessive notifications. Just because I "fix" a Status from New to Researching, for example, it would be useful to have an Agent Mode and/or a Checkbox that offers the function "Do not send a notification for this update.".

The example of assigning a Performer is just as important to me. Just because I decide to mark the Topic or Ticket with a Performer Assignment, I usually do not want to have an email notification send to the Customer. In my workflow, Assignment is an internal action that would just annoy the Customer to see (though, it is fine if they login and review their Topic(s) and Ticket(s) and see the action, new status, or assignment in the Reply history).

  • The point: Any options that help my Agents avoid cluttering customer email with excess notifications is helpful to ensure that Customer does not get inclined to disable all notifications and thus miss the important ones.
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Completed

Hello Terry,

We've implemented an ability to do not send notification when you add new comment.


So, now you are able to change a status (through comment) with no notification to users.

Also, we do not send any notifications when you edit comments.

The "Performer" notification sends to the agent only, so, we think this is not a problem.

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