Change a posted reply (comment) to private using Edit or the options bar.

Terry Gauchat 2 years ago in Usability & Interface • updated by Vladimir Mullagaliyev (co-founder) 2 years ago 6

A fellow Agent made a Reply to a Topic that I would rather just be Private (Support Agents ... or sometimes, Author & Support Agents).

Unfortunately, this drop down does not appear when I, an Agent, Edit the already posted Reply.

Would this be possible feature to add, please?

Satisfaction mark by Terry Gauchat 2 years ago

Similarly, it seems I can't edit an Agent's reply to add on a Status Change that the Agent may have neglected to mark.

For example, the Agent may have replied "We plan to fix this bug", but did not change the Status to "Planned". Sure... it's not a big deal to just change the Topic Status, but for optimum cleanliness, I feel there is value to attaching the Status change to the Reply that triggered it, and a more complete edit function would seem like a logical way to implement this idea. Thanks for consideration!


We do have some similar ideas under review.

The main problem for all edit actions for comments is notifications and privacy (if visibility has been changed). We do review all cases and trying to find good solution.

Yup... understood!

I think I have another Idea / Feature request open that suggests adding a checkbox option which allows the Agent to override (i.e., force skip) all notifications for a particular update, edit, or even a post.

As a very active Agent / Moderator, as per this Topic and others, I want to feel that I can revise posts in multiple ways: Basic edit text, change their Topic Type, Category, etc., etc., but it is very important to minimize the risk of "notification overload" (i.e., any unnecessarily redundant notifications), please.

Also: Currently the Edit Reply function option doesn't let me change the Status chosen by the original writer of the Reply.

My engineer / coder will often write "Fixed in version X", but forget to set the Status to "FIXED" in the same Reply. Sure, I can create a blank Reply with just the Status change, but that creates clutter and a redundant notification.

Thanks for conisdering this somewhat difficult scenarios!