How to disable comments / reply on Closed Topics?


I notice that Voting can be configured as enabled or disabled for Closed Topics in a Forum.

Is there a similar option to disable Comments / Replies on Closed Topics? (preferably on a Forum basis, since I don't mind allowing Replies on private Hekpdesk items...)

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
    Under review

Hello Terry,

You cannot disable comments for all closed topics in the forum for now. But you can disable comments for specified topic if you need it. Click edit comment, then Additional administrative options (small arrow down).

We are going to figure out if we need to add such option in a forum.

Terry Gauchat

Ah... thanks. That's a good option in the meantime (just takes one extra step to remember!); and, yes ... perhaps there are some Closed Topics which I don't mind further comments on though so.... Flexibility is good.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
    Answer Answered

Hello Terry,

We've added an ability to disable commenting in closed topics. You even can do it in specific topic's types only.

To enable this feature go to your Project settings -> Forum -> Topic Type, then edit specified topic type.

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