Jonathan Austin


We're looking at UserEcho for an entirely community run site - we'd like to set the right expectations and calling the people who can help "Support Agents" is wrong, they're really 'community champions' or 'Experienced Users'. I can see that I can create user groups, but I couldn't see how to make one of those groups able to, for example, edit the Knowledge Base

So, is it possible to rename the 'Support Agents', please?

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Answered

Hi Jonathan,

You are not able to just replace this labekl somewhere in the settings. But we have not so much places with this label available for basic users. So, you can hide or replace this labels with CustomCSS.

Show us where would you like to do it and we will provide some example for you.

Also, each support agent has a field "position". You can write in this field what you want and it will be shown in the same way like you see "co-founder" in my name. So, you can write "Experienced User" or "Community Champion" to your support agents.

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